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Tech Innovation

Intel, partnership in China to develop AI

  The American giant Intel intends to launch a series of partnerships and investments in…


Business Stories

”I Am The Actor”, Tencent Bets on the Talent Show

Is AI going to determine future KOL? While the top Chinese reality show ”I Am…


Business Stories

“Double 11”: the Single Day of records

With $50 billion total revenue, “Double 11” 2018 edition has broken every conceivable record. Alibaba…


Business Stories

Clash of the Titans: Amazon and Alibaba Go Big on India

In the world of e-commerce, everyone know Amazon and Alibaba. After winning in many international markets,…



Interview With Alibaba: The Consumer First of All

The consumer first of all. In the e-commerce era, platforms compete to those who can…


New Cities

Chengdu Takes Up the High-Tech Challenge and It Is a Success!

Thanks to a relevant position within the new Silk Road routes, Chengdu took up the…


Tech Innovation

Baidu join the international partnership on AI ethics study

  Baidu is the first Chinese company to join the US group that addresses the…


Tech Innovation

Huawei bets on artificial intelligence

  The reason is to be sought in the perspective of long-term profit   Investments…


Market Insights

AI: Google wants to continue to have relations with China

  The attention was also shown during the Shanghai forum that dealt with Google’s interests…


Market Insights

The Smart China Expo 2018 took place in Chongqing was a success

  The expo showed the global Chinese surge in smart technologies, from artificial intelligence to…