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Tech Innovation

E-Hailing: When China’s Tech Giants Invest in Mobility

Mobility in China is going through impressive evolution. The e-hailing market is booming so fast…


China 2025, Tech Innovation

China’s Top 3 Technology Trend in 2019

The deadline for China’s hi-tech plans is getting close but three technology trends are already…


China 2025

Artificial Intelligence: the Future of Life 2.0 is Decided in China

China’s technological progress is contributing to shaping the future of Life 2.0. But while artificial…


Market Insights

Autonomous Driving: Japan and China Drive the Future “Hands-Off”

Asia rules the mobility revolution. In Japan, Nissan has launched automated cars on the market…


Cross-border news

Autonomous taxis: China is ready

In an age congested by artificial intelligence, technological research and autonomous mobility systems, China is…


Tech Innovation

Former Baidu and Google Scientist Launches $175 Million AI Fund

Andrew Ng, one of the most notable names in the deep learning industry, wants to…