Tech Innovation

ByteDance buys competition with Baidu grows

    The acquisition of the Chinese response to Wikipedia has intensified the rivalry between…


Tech Innovation

China, technology for the disabled

    Technology companies in China are stepping up efforts to make life easier for…


Tech Innovation

Didi: autonomous taxis arriving in Shanghai

  The races can be booked directly through the app     Didi, the car-sharing…


Tech Innovation

Bytedance challenges Baidu with the in-app search engine

  A move to challenge Baidu’s monopoly in the Chinese search engine market   There…


Tech Innovation

Kuaishou, the Tencent app opens up long videos

  One of the advantages is that it allows a greater variety of contents  …


Market Insights

Sina Finance presents the new cryptocurrency function

  The function shows the prices and performances of the main cryptocurrencies   The future…


Market Insights

Autonomous Driving: Japan and China Drive the Future “Hands-Off”

Asia rules the mobility revolution. In Japan, Nissan has launched automated cars on the market…


Market Insights

TOP 5 Chinese Investment Bank

China is ready to change its stock-market. Who is playing where? Here top 5 Chinese…


Tech Innovation

Baidu, partnership with China Telecom for AI and 5G

  Total agreement between the two Chinese companies for operators in different fields: 5G, smart…


Market Insights

China, 33,600 apps blocked since December

  The repression has targeted gaming and training apps for content such as gambling and…