Tech Innovation

Beijing, drones to monitor pine health

  All this was necessary due to the infestation of the pines caused by nematodes…


Market Insights

New financing for Nio: 1.4 billion dollars to build a Beijing plant

  NIO is a Chinese automotive manufacturer based in Shanghai, specializing in the design and…


E-commerce Platforms

Hi-Tech: “Share Dad App” Goes Viral in China

China had tried shared everything, an advertisement for “shared dads” has recently gone viral on…


Market Insights

Beijing completed test flights for the new airport

  Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines and China Southern Airlines have tested the…


China 2025

37 Heads of State in Beijing for the 2nd Belt and Road Forum

Beijing just hosted the 2nd Belt and Road Forum. The three-day summit gathered the leaders…


Business Stories, China 2025

ROOBO is Delivering AI in People’s Life. China’s Startup that Managed to Bring Next-gen Robots into Households

While the PRC is striving to become an AI superpower, a Beijing-based startup managed to…


Tech Innovation

Apple Music tries again, Tim Cook in Beijing for the promotion

  For Apple Music the Chinese market is particularly interesting, but in the past it…


Market Insights

Beijing’s Forbidden City is the World Most Popular Museum. For the First Time in 94 years, Open at Night

Forbidden City’s Palace Museum earned US$ 222 Million, is world’s most popular. Due to Lantern…


New Cities

First-Tier Suburbs: the Unspoiled Land with Great Economic Potential

A journey within the suburbs of China’s largest first-tier cities. An unexplored and unspoiled land,…


China 2025

US-China Truce Deadline is Close but Talks are not Over Yet

The 90-days tariff truce is reaching its deadline on March 1. In January, Chinese Vice…