Cross-border news

Singles Day 2019: Cross-Border E-commerce is the Key Word

In 2019 Alibaba is ready to break a new record following cross-border e-commerce trend. How…


China 2025

Trade War? China launches World’s Largest 5G Network. Only $18 Basic Price

China officially launches ‘one of the world’s largest’ 5G networks, with plans available for as…


Business Stories

Economy: “Chinese Cities Set to Fuel Growth Worldwide”

Economy speaks Chinese. In 2035 four of the top ten cities in the world will…


Market Insights

Great Result Of The Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail Operator

    After making profits for 1.4 billion dollars in 2018, the high-speed rail operator…


Business Stories

5 Consumption Trends in China Over the Next 10 years

From a manufacturing powerhouse to an active leader in digital innovation, the countdown has already…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba Group To Improve The Experience Of Visitors To Universal Parks & Resorts

    The two have formed a partnership to improve the user experience and to…


Market Insights

China Calls For Greater Access To The Oil Sector

    At a meeting of the National Energy Commission in Beijing, Premier Li Keqiang…


Market Insights

The Railmaker company, producers of railway vehicles, aims at innovation

    To increase its earning power in the coming years, China Railway Rolling Stock…


Tech Innovation

Cybersecurity, Chinese Start-Up Quanzhi Tech Awarded

    Fang Xing and his team were honoured at the Beijing IT Security Conference…



EU-China Trade in Numbers. Liège is Ready to Host First EU Cross Border E-Commerce Forum

Last year Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba inked an agreement with Belgium to open its first…