Big Data

Tech Innovation

Guangzhou, a robot for the rehabilitation of drug addicts

  The “Tianche No. E” began its stay in a rehabilitation center in the Nansha…


Business Stories

Why is “Singer” TV Format so Important for Beijing’s “Musical Diplomacy”?

“Singer” is the Hunan Television show that managed to combine AI, music and soft power….


Tech Innovation

AI, Megvii ready to invest on intelligent logistics

  The company supported by Alibaba is one of the most precious avant-gardes of Chinese…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba works with Colgate to speed up the development process

  The collaboration to launch a new toothpaste using big data to shorten the product…


Business Stories

”I Am The Actor”, Tencent Bets on the Talent Show

Is AI going to determine future KOL? While the top Chinese reality show ”I Am…


Tech Innovation

The penetration rate of the fresh food e-commerce industry reached 3.44%

As of July of this year, the industry penetration rate of the fresh food e-commerce…


Business Stories, New Cities

Guizhou is becoming a big data haven

Southwestern China’s Guizhou Province is developing into China’s go-to place for major company’s big data…


Cross-Border Regulations

In Wuhan, artist showcases over 300,000 stolen identities

Deng Yufeng has purchased personal data of 346,000 inhabitants of the city from the black…