E-commerce Platforms

Tmall Luxury Pavilion has New Luxury Brands From Tapestry Inc.

    On the Alibaba Group’s dedicated platform for luxury and premium goods, the Tmall…


Tech Innovation

China, here are the trends for the beauty market

  Franklin Chu, managing director of Azoya USA, shares the views on the evolution of…


Market Insights

Taobao, offline success of online brands

  A shining example is present in the Hangzhou Kerry Center shopping center: the “Taostyle”…


Cross-border news, Tech Innovation

Nestlé, ALDI and other International Brands join the Cainiao global supply chain

Today, Cainiao announced strategic cooperation agreement with international big names such as Nestle, ALDI Ordzi,…


Tech Innovation

JD Daojia cooperates with more than 30 chain retailers online and offline

JD Daojia has reached cooperation with more than 30 chain retailers including Sam, ParknShop, Pagoda,…


Cross-border news

Ali anti-fake alliance members assisted the police in taking out nearly 1 billion RMB (146.6 million USD) fakes

On August 3, the Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance, which has more than 100 members, has announced…


China 2025

BrandZ report: Tencent and Alibaba among world’s top 10 brands

  BrandZ is a brand equity database managed by the marketing firm Millward Brown. It…


Market Insights

Luxury brands make use of China’s live streaming trend

China, arguably the world’s most enthusiastic live streaming nation, could just be the ideal terrain…


Cross-border news

Chinese internet celebrities attract global following

In recent years, fashion bloggers, social media channels, and dedicated talent agencies have popularized internet…