Tech Innovation

ByteDance buys competition with Baidu grows

    The acquisition of the Chinese response to Wikipedia has intensified the rivalry between…


Tech Innovation

TikTok promotes monetization: tests started on the advertising network

  The goal is to direct users to East Asia, allowing brands to extend their…


Market Insights

Bytedance challenges Baidu in the browser world

  A ByteDance spokesman said the company has no plans to release an app for…


Business Stories

Global Success is Not Enough. TikTok Now Wants to Grow Further

As a Chinese short-video app, TikTok achieved global popularity reaching 500 million monthly active users…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance, the search engine is online

    The company’s search portal is finally online, although it is only optimized for…


Tech Innovation

Bytedance challenges Baidu with the in-app search engine

  A move to challenge Baidu’s monopoly in the Chinese search engine market   There…


Tech Innovation

Feiliao, the Bytedance social app has been removed from the Apple App Store

    The reasons for the removal from the main Chinese distribution platform are still…


Market Insights

ByteDance exceeds 1 billion users

  ByteDance manages some of the most famous apps in China There are records that…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance, a $ 182 million investment in Hupu

  Hupu, born as a basketball forum in 2004, is now a leading platform for…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance launches a new social app to challenge WeChat

  Flipchat marks the second attempt to challenge WeChat’s social messaging domain in China  …