Tech Innovation

Most Downloaded Social Media APPs in India are Chinese

During Covid-19 forced lockdown, Chinese social media apps reported a terrific growth in downloads.  China…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance and Yinyuebang, the new music app

    The world of social networks in China could be being upset by the…


Tech Innovation

China, netizens spend 15% of the time browsing short videos

    A common Chinese Internet user consumes over six hours of the day on…


E-commerce Platforms

Douyin Introduces The Reverse Search Function In Images

    The company has revised its revenue target for 2019, in a range from…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance, Here is ByteAir: The Recommendation Algorithm

    ByteDance would group its recommendation algorithms into a solution system, making it available…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance buys competition with Baidu grows

    The acquisition of the Chinese response to Wikipedia has intensified the rivalry between…


Tech Innovation

TikTok promotes monetization: tests started on the advertising network

  The goal is to direct users to East Asia, allowing brands to extend their…


Market Insights

Bytedance challenges Baidu in the browser world

  A ByteDance spokesman said the company has no plans to release an app for…


Business Stories

Global Success is Not Enough. TikTok Now Wants to Grow Further

As a Chinese short-video app, TikTok achieved global popularity reaching 500 million monthly active users…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance, the search engine is online

    The company’s search portal is finally online, although it is only optimized for…