Market Insights

First tests of the automated and driverless subway in Sichuan

  The province of Sichuan, in the provincial capital of Chengdu, tests a subway with…


Market Insights

Why Chinese Graduates prefer Lower-Tier Cities over Beijing and Shanghai

Although Tier 2 cities have a large number of university graduates, they used to leave…


Tech Innovation

In Chengdu, the first community that uses 5G technology

  The China United Network Communications Group of Hong Kog started the pilot tests  …


Business Stories

How Ms Yeah Became a Global Wanghong by Cooking in the Office

Ms Yeah shot a video of herself cooking food using office supplies among her deadpan…


Market Insights

BMW, license for ride-hailing in Chengdu

  BMW will use 200 models of the new 5 Series, mainly hybrids   In…


New Cities

Chengdu Takes Up the High-Tech Challenge and It Is a Success!

Thanks to a relevant position within the new Silk Road routes, Chengdu took up the…


Tech Innovation

Chengdu launches the “artificial Moon”: satellite in orbit by 2020

  The lighting satellite is designed to integrate the brightness emitted at night from the…


Market Insights

Bridge for Cities event in Vienna talks about BRI

  The event aims to promote the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development…


China 2025

Chengdu opens the Western China International Fair

  The event will last five days and will have technological development and the IA…


Business Stories, New Cities

Sichuan: investors look to ‘land of abundance’

The government has significant development plans for Chengdu, the capital of the growing Sichuan region. By…