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China, consumption contributes to economic growth

    Consumption contributes 60.1% of the country’s economic growth   China continues to grow,…


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Jumia: the Nigerian E-Commerce that is Rewriting Africa’s Old Narrative

The old narrative of Africa on the margins is fading fast. Internet and e-commerce are…


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Luxury Consumption in China Accounts for One-Third of the Global Spending

Chinese love for luxury products together with an increasing purchasing power led to an extraordinary…


Business Stories Breaks Parenthood Stereotypes and Unravels the Attentive Dad

As the number of stay-at-home fathers is growing in China, dads now demand a better…


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”He-conomy” vs ”She-conomy”: it’s time for men to drive China’s consumption

Women have always embodied the ideal consumer. But an emerging increase in China’s male consumption…


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Chinese consumption slowdown as the customer grow smarter

Despite the continuous growth of Chinese purchasing power, PRC middle-class seem to tighten its belt….


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During China’s National Holiday, consumption in Second-tier city surpasses First-tier in China

On October 7th, Alipay released the overseas consumption data of Chinese people during the National…


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China, consumption contributes 80% of GDP growth

  The consumer market is growing strongly, as confirmed in the China Development Forum 2018…


Tech Innovation

Tmall’s New Retail boosts Cultural Consumption

With the new retail of Tmall, Beijing cultural and creative Industry will have huge growth…


Market Insights

China, growth in energy in the first quarter of 2018: good for businesses

  The figures speak of an increase of 9.8% on an annual basis for energy…