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Cross-Border Regulations

Belt & Road Initiative, talked about at the 2019 Euro-Asian Economic Forum

  The international event was attended by politicians, businessmen and scholars from over 50 countries…


Market Insights

Cooperation between Germany and the Hubei province is strengthened

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday visited the Chinese provincial capital Wuhan to…


Market Insights

China, e-commerce talents are born in schools

  E-commerce has officially been listed as one of the 46 new majors in China’s…


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China-Morocco, a cooperation destined to grow

  Morocco’s geo-strategic positioning makes it an exemplary partner for China   Morocco could become…


China 2025

Japan and India Cooperate to Expand the Port of Colombo: an Alternative to BRI in Sri Lanka

Japan, India, and Sri Lanka just signed an agreement to expand Sri Lankan Colombo Port’s…


Market Insights

200,000 jobs created with the Belt and Road Initiative

  Is the result of a study by the research institute under the trade ministry…


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5G, both China and the European Union satisfied with the cooperation

  The leaders of the two communities expressed their favor on the partnership that is…


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China, a collaboration with the World Bank

    This was confirmed by Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun, in a meeting with…


Market Insights

China, Russia, India strengthen cooperation

China, Russia and India met in Wuzhen, in the eastern province of Zhejiang in China…


E-commerce Platforms

NetEase Kaola signed a contract with Laox

Founded in early 2015, NetEase Kaola has quickly become the leader in cross-border import retail…