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Market Insights

From the Fake Goods’ Haven to Counterfeiters’ Number One Enemy

E-commerce platforms in the US are lagging behind Alibaba when it comes to preventing counterfeit…


Market Insights

China declares war on counterfeit products and incorrect sellers

China intends to punish the producers and sellers of counterfeit products until they are forced…


Cross-Border Regulations

Alibaba appeared at the International Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Conference to share the experience of counterfeiting China

On September 26th, Alibaba Chief Platform Governance Officer Zheng Junfang made a keynote speech at…


Cross-border news

Jack Ma: Without the protection of intellectual property rights, China’s creation industry is unlikely to improve

From model innovation to capacity sharing, Ali has set up a system of intellectual property…


Cross-border news

Ali anti-fake alliance members assisted the police in taking out nearly 1 billion RMB (146.6 million USD) fakes

On August 3, the Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance, which has more than 100 members, has announced…