Market Insights

Alibaba and e-commerce in India through the subsidiary UCWeb

    UCWeb will work with Flipkart and Paytm Mall to offer online purchases this…


Tech Innovation

China, the construction of new data centers with high-throughput processing

  The first has already been completed and put into use in the city of…


Market Insights

China, financial services app accused of data breach

  Given the size of the country’s Internet population, there is a wealth of highly…


Tech Innovation

E-commerce, that’s how it’s changing

  Vendors are increasingly accompanying online commerce with offline retail   What if we wanted…


Market Insights

Guizhou, big data to ensure food safety in schools

  In the city of Tongren the authorities use a cloud computing platform to supervise…


Market Insights

Hacker, Chinese database shows user data of appointments app

  Users come from English-speaking countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and…


Market Insights

China, manufacturing sector: slow growth in April

  The purchasing managers’ index for the country’s manufacturing sector reached 50.1 in April  …


Tech Innovation

Meitu, new charges for improper collection of data

  The China Consumer Association accuses Meitu of collecting biographical data and financial information  …


Tech Innovation

Video-sharing site AcFun, compromised millions of users’ data

  AcFun, is an abbreviation of “Anime, Comic and Fun, is a Chinese video sharing…


Market Insights

China, a black market for data contained on second-hand smartphones is born

  Smartphones, you know, are a repository of information. We include everything from personal data…