Tech Innovation

Delivery: artificial intelligence and big data improve delivery efficiency

  China, to make the best use of artificial intelligence in the delivery sector, will…


Tech Innovation

Starbucks cooperates with Eleme, Trial Operation in Beijing and Shanghai

Eleme and Starbucks take-out trial operation, today officially launched in Beijing and Shanghai. After the…


Tech Innovation

Meituan unmanned distribution in trial

With the landing of more practical application scenarios, Meituan has taken the lead in promoting…


E-commerce Platforms

Dada receives a new series of financing of 500 million US dollars from Walmart and JD

Dada, JD, and Walmart will work together to explore the trend of unbounded retail  …


Business Stories

Walmart plans to implement delivery services in 2000 stores by the end of the year

Walmart announced that it has partnered with  Alert Innovation to deploy Alert Innovation’s Alphabot system in the…


Tech Innovation

Meituan began to use unmanned car for delivery. Unmanned driving will become the mainstream.

Meituan is ready to send unmanned delivery vehicles to the streets for deliveries and takeouts….


Market Insights

Three major trends in new logistics. The president of Ali Research Institute said that an unprecedented opportunity has come.

Logistics companies are the first interface for consumers to reach, so there is an unprecedented…


Tech Innovation

Civilian drones that can carry a ton of cargo: the project of Chinese companies

  The Chinese couriers and on-demand services seem to become more and more technological, yet…


Tech Innovation

Didi, first problems with delivery food: workers’ protest

  About 30 employees organized a strike to protest against the lack of orders and…


Tech Innovation

SF, green light for deliveries with drones

  The confirmation comes from the stock market, with the SF share rising by 5…