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Market Insights

Following China’s Steps in Africa: Japan Bets on Pursuing Quality Growth

Africa has recently become the “biggest frontier of the 21st century,” drawing attention from many…


Market Insights

China’s Inke pays $ 85 million for the Jimu social app

    Inke’s goal with this operation is to better reach young people and, released…


Market Insights

Shanxi, 50 billion yuan fund to upgrade local industries

  The fund aims to promote the development of local industries, still too entrenched in…


Tech Innovation

China is already thinking about 6G

The sixth-generation technology allows up to one terabyte per second of downloads, now Beijing is…


China 2025

5 Things you Have to Know about Chinese top EVs brands

The major car companies that appear committed to worldwide electrification of their vehicle lines are…


New Cities

Yantai, The Second-Tier is Boosting Shandong Economy

In the not-so-distant future, more than half of the rich Chinese will be in cities…


Tech Innovation

Huawei, an agreement with iFlytek for the development of speech recognition

  Huawei and iFlytek will work on four sectors: public cloud service, ICT infrastructure, smart…


China 2025

China 2025 and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: modernizing economies in parallel

Two economic initiatives to diversify and modernize the Chinese and Saudi Arabian economy have more…


New Cities

China approves plan for Xiongan New Area southwest of Beijing

Last weekend, Beijing and Hebei pledged their full support for the construction of the Xiongan…


New Cities

Is the rebirth of Dongbei possible? From chronic illness to China’s fourth production hub

This large region in the north of the country was once the pride of Chinese heavy…