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Kuaishou, Here is Taizan: The New App To Challenge Douyin

    Taizan is a short film aggregator that shows popular Kuaishou clips    …


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Douyin Introduces The Reverse Search Function In Images

    The company has revised its revenue target for 2019, in a range from…


E-commerce Platforms

Douyin vs Kuaishou: How Short-Video Apps are Leading E-Commerce

Video content is leading the e-commerce sector in China. But as short-video apps leverage this…


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Video-Driven E-Commerce: the Next Frontier for Online Retail

Video content has completely changed the way consumers do and conceive purchases. After having pioneered…


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Global Success is Not Enough. TikTok Now Wants to Grow Further

As a Chinese short-video app, TikTok achieved global popularity reaching 500 million monthly active users…


Market Insights

ByteDance exceeds 1 billion users

  ByteDance manages some of the most famous apps in China There are records that…


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Meipai Short Video App: a History of Setbacks and Success

From being the most popular short-video app in China, Meipai lost many users in favor…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance launches a new social app to challenge WeChat

  Flipchat marks the second attempt to challenge WeChat’s social messaging domain in China  …


Tech Innovation

Douyin partnership with film companies

  The partnership will include more than 40 films between 2019 and 2020   Douyin,…


Tech Innovation

Bytedance reinforces itself in the games market with the acquisition of Mokun Technology

  Mokun Technology was founded in 2013 and acquired by 37 Interactive Entertainment in 2017…