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Antwork, the Chinese Startup Wants to Replace Human Couriers with Drones

    Antwork wants to build low-altitude airspace logistics networks in urban areas    …


Market Insights

DJI, 150 drones for the Finnish defense forces

  Finland will buy Mavic Pro Platinum drones, which can fly up to 30 minutes…


Tech Innovation

Beijing, drones to monitor pine health

  All this was necessary due to the infestation of the pines caused by nematodes…


Market Insights

DJI Technology believes it has no rivals

  DJI Technology Co. is a Chinese technology company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with manufacturing…


Business Stories, Tech Innovation

JD.com’s Drones Land in Japan to Join the Unmanned Delivery Squad of Rakuten

As the autonomous vehicles are expected to deliver 80% of all goods in less than…


Tech Innovation

China increases funding for the robot market

  A report released by science and technology information institute International Data Corporation   A…


Tech Innovation

JD, heavy drones arrive for deliveries

  JDY-800, JD’s first heavy lifting drone, has a wingspan of over 10 meters  …


Tech Innovation

Changchun, the drones for city management are ready

  The Chinese province started experimenting with drone technology in city management in 2016  …


Tech Innovation

Civilian drones that can carry a ton of cargo: the project of Chinese companies

  The Chinese couriers and on-demand services seem to become more and more technological, yet…


Tech Innovation

China, 1,374 drones flying over Xi’an: but the exhibition fails

  Ehang has deployed a fleet of 1,374 drones during the Labor Day show  …