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Tech Innovation

China, the world leader in e-commerce

  The report describes a booming global e-commerce market   According to a report by…


Market Insights

China, the e-commerce sector continues with the slowdown

  Online retail sales in China increased by 17.8% year-on-year in the first four months…


Market Insights

E-Commerce in China: an Ever-Changing Experience

A different target audience, an evolving market, and e-commerce platforms aimed at entertaining instead of…


Cross-border news

Cross-border E-commerce: Kaola’s Acquisition is Off, Report Says

Alibaba and NetEase failed to agree on a price and the deal is off. NetEase believes…


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2019 CCEE Xiamen Kicks Off with Innovators from All Over the World

The future? Is here, in China. CCEE Xiamen will show you all latest news about…


E-commerce Platforms

Cross-border E-commerce: Alibaba is Ready to take The Leadership in China

Revolution in Chinese cross-border e-commerce sector. Is Alibaba acquiring Kaola? Rumors say that Alibaba might…


Business Stories

Global Success is Not Enough. TikTok Now Wants to Grow Further

As a Chinese short-video app, TikTok achieved global popularity reaching 500 million monthly active users…


Tech Innovation

JD, golden period: equities rise and profits exceed expectations

    These results provide investors with renewed confidence in JD, and in the Chinese…


Cross-border news

E-commerce: Is Alibaba Acquiring Kaola?

It’s offcial: Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is in talks with NetEase to acquire its cross-border…


Tech Innovation

JD.com becomes the main shareholder of the Tiki e-commerce platform

  The local technology company VNG reduces its ownership in Tiki from around 29% to…