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Cross-border news

E-Commerce: Li Keqiang, Urges Support for Cross-Border E-Commerce

Chinese government supports cross-border e-commerce. PRC Premier: “Innovative oversight helps companies improve their cross-border business”….


Tech Innovation

Xiaohongshu, the social commerce app starts live streaming tests

  Some influencers were asked to use the new live streaming feature during the test…


Business Stories

Forget 5G, Next Chinese Hot Trend Is Music: Now PRC Based Music App Are Going Global

Not only Apple and Spotify. Tencent dominates online music-streaming industry in China, but challenges loom…


Cross-border news

Is Europe Next Battleground for Chinese E-Commerce Giants?

China is leading e-commerce sector. Today they’re seeking opportunities in Europe, a great change to…


China 2025

Beijing Becoming Greener: Worldwide First Highway for Bicycles is Now Open

A highway for bicycles only? Beijing’s first bicycle highway opened to the public on Friday….


Cross-border news

Chinese Cross-Border E-commerce Overview: Top 3 Growing Platforms

Chinese cross-border e-commerce is growing. Chinese consumers are becoming more aware of international brands. Kaola, Mia.com…


E-commerce Platforms

5 Luxury E-Commerce Platforms for China’s High-End Buyers

The luxury industry in China didn’t approach e-commerce immediately, but today, luxury brands can leverage…


Cross-border news

China most popular cross-border destination for EU shoppers

Cross-border ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. This is the key conclusions from the 2018’s…


Market Insights

Lazada, industry leader in Southeast Asia

  Lazada currently operates in six markets: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam…


Tech Innovation

E-commerce, how to effectively enter the Chinese market

    The Chinese e-commerce market is certainly the most lively in the world and,…