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China Will Be the First Apparel Market by 2023

The growth in domestic demand is driving Chinese consumes. Now China is ready overtake US…


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E-Commerce: Alibaba, $1.4 Trillion in Sales Annually By 2024

Alibaba set a long-term plan: “By 2036, Alibaba should serve 2 billion consumers globally, create…


China 2025

Nikkei: “China regains 1.1% GDP growth in Q2”. But The Recovery is far from a V-shaped Rebound

The Country has confidence, strength to maintain economic development, but full-year estimate lowered to 1.6%…


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Shein, the Barely Know App that Rivals Amazon and H&M

With almost $3 bln revenue last year, Shein ranks 14th on a list of the…


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Pinduoduo is selling helicopters via Live Commerce!

The power of e-commerce. After rockets, platforms are selling helicopters. What else? Is not a…


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Didi Joins E-Commerce Race

Beijing – based car sharing app ventures into e-commerce, following previous moves in delivery and…


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Rural Commerce Continues Upward Momentum 

Is Rural Commerce the new face of Chinese e-commerce?Farmers reap gains in livestream boom. Let’s…


E-commerce Platforms

Pinduoduo: Lockdowns Boost Sales

Pinduoduo posted a 44% revenue growth in Q1. New initiatives and support for small merchants…


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How Alibaba Reinvented E-Commerce amid Covid-19  

COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of Tmall Global. Alibaba was able to reinvent its online retail during…


Business Stories

Livestreaming E-Commerce: China reached 560 Million Users in March 2020

E-commerce livestreaming sessions topped 4 million in the first quarter reaching 560 million people, according…