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The new HPV vaccine project from the China-Europe alliance

    The project is the result of a partnership in which the pharmaceutical industries…


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EU CBEC Forum 2019: Unlocking Opportunities Between China and Europe

On December 11-12, Belgium will host the first EU CBEC Forum in Europe. A unique…


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China: 127 Key Special Railway Lines Under Construction By 2020

    The special lines, amounting to 1,586 km, should reduce the number of short…


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Cooperation between Germany and the Hubei province is strengthened

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday visited the Chinese provincial capital Wuhan to…


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BRI Connects China to Europe with New Freight Train Routes

Last week, a new railway route connecting China with Europe has been inaugurated while the…


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Central Europe-China: the number of freight trains doubles

  According to Zhengzhou Customs, a transportation hub in Henan Province, the number of freight…


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UK New Prime Minister Boris Johnson called “British Trump” is Actually “Pro-China”

Before becoming the UK new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson already referred to his government as…


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Is China Forcing Us to Rethink Our Recycling Model?

China is not only investing massively in the recycling industry but it is also taking…


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BYD, Chinese e-buses enter the European market

    Electric buses have penetrated over 70 cities in over 20 European countries, including…


China 2025

EU Central Banks are Changing Dollars Reserves in Yuan. What Does it Mean?

With EU central banks starting to change dollars reserves in yuan, China is paving the…