Tech Innovation

Mogu, a new platform to connect livestreamers and fashion brands

  Mogu Global Cosmetics Supply Chain Pool will help the livestreamer to access various brands…


Business Stories

Natasha Lau & Lisa Xia: from the Origin of Modern China to KOLs

While Lisa Xia came from a textile job to become part of China’s socialite, her…


Market Insights

Fashion: Successes and Missteps of Luxury Brands’ Year of the Pig Collections

As the Chinese New Year approaches, brands start to launch their limited edition collections. While…


Business Stories

“Palace Museum” New Lipstick Already Sold Out

China’s fashion industry supports cultural renaissance. Palace Museum released new lipstick, but is already fly off…


Tech Innovation

Canada Goose Expands Business in China and Enters Tmall Luxury Channel

In recent years, the Tmall luxury channel Luxury Pavilion has many heavy brands joining. After…


Market Insights

Localization of Marc O’Polo in China 300 stores in 5 years

Since opening the first flagship store in China in Shanghai Global Port in 2014, Marc…


Tech Innovation

Chinese Brand SEMIR unveiled at New York Fashion Week

Chinese fashion brand Semir appears in New York Fashion Week, showing the world the rise…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba launched the world’s first AI clothing store

  On July 4, 2018, Alibaba engineers launched the world’s first artificial intelligence clothing store,…


Market Insights

Luxury brands make use of China’s live streaming trend

China, arguably the world’s most enthusiastic live streaming nation, could just be the ideal terrain…



CCEE visits Europe: European luxury old shop Luisa Via Roma brings many big names to enter the Chinese market

Cifnews to integrate more resources around the world to help Chinese premium brands access the global…