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China is still the best choice for foreign companies

    Over the years China has accumulated a lot of advantages as a destination…


Market Insights

PayPal Enters The Payment Market In China

    The US PayPal will compete with two major payment companies like Alipay and…


Market Insights

Hyundai Plans To Buy All The Shares Of Sichuan JV

    With the intention of building the H-Fuel hydrogen car, Hyundai Motor intends to…


Market Insights

China, 40 Years of Foreign Investment: a Phenomenon That Continues to Grow

  At the end of last year, over 960,000 foreign-invested companies had been established in…


Market Insights

China, a market that attracts more foreign investors

    China has continuously implemented new measures to improve industries and attract investment  …


Tech Innovation

China opens the streaming market to foreign companies

  Foreign companies will be able to provide online game downloads and streaming services only…


Market Insights

J.P. Morgan aims to control his Chinese joint venture

  Since China has eliminated the limits of corporate ownership, many foreign companies have decided…