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Tech Innovation

China opens the streaming market to foreign companies

  Foreign companies will be able to provide online game downloads and streaming services only…


Market Insights

China launches futures for foreign investors

    The commercial margin for each contract was 7% of the contract value  …


Market Insights

J.P. Morgan aims to control his Chinese joint venture

  Since China has eliminated the limits of corporate ownership, many foreign companies have decided…


Tech Innovation

China, here are the trends for the beauty market

  Franklin Chu, managing director of Azoya USA, shares the views on the evolution of…


Tech Innovation

China, preferential economic policies for IC and software

  Policies on these sectors aim to attract more foreign investment   China continues its…


Tech Innovation

China opens the High-Tech sector to foreign investors

  These sectors are at the forefront of the Tech world and had many restrictions…


Market Insights

China will be in Bloomberg Barclays global indices

  To confirm the future inclusion is the same Bloomberg confirms that it will add…


Market Insights

The reforms made are making China even stronger

  In the last 40 years, China has opened up to the global market and…


Market Insights

Beijing, 15 billion RMB for start-ups that develop in Zhongguancun

  Local authorities aim to guarantee support for start-ups and technology projects   Zhongguancun, the…


Market Insights

China, foreign investment continues to grow

  Chinese FDI increased 3.3% year-on-year   The Chinese economy increasingly attracts foreign investment, especially…