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Tech Innovation

China opens the High-Tech sector to foreign investors

  These sectors are at the forefront of the Tech world and had many restrictions…


Market Insights

China will be in Bloomberg Barclays global indices

  To confirm the future inclusion is the same Bloomberg confirms that it will add…


Market Insights

The reforms made are making China even stronger

  In the last 40 years, China has opened up to the global market and…


Market Insights

Beijing, 15 billion RMB for start-ups that develop in Zhongguancun

  Local authorities aim to guarantee support for start-ups and technology projects   Zhongguancun, the…


Market Insights

China, foreign investment continues to grow

  Chinese FDI increased 3.3% year-on-year   The Chinese economy increasingly attracts foreign investment, especially…


Market Insights

Shanghai is still the destination of foreign investors

  Twelve foreign companies promise a total investment of 23.4 billion yuan (3.37 billion dollars)…


Market Insights

Trade tension: foreign investors continue to invest in China

  Foreign investors snap up battered Chinese stocks and overseas purchases reached $ 4.1 billion…


Market Insights

China, Foreign Ministry: foreign companies must respect territorial integrity

  To clarify the situation on the issue was Geng Shuang, spokesman for the Chinese…


Cross-Border Regulations

China: revolution in the process of establishing foreign-owned companies

  The State Council decided that, starting from June 30, most bureaucratic operations for companies…


Market Insights

China opens up to foreign investors

  After a month from the opening of China to foreign investors, the first questions…