New Cities

Fuzhou and Xiamen: the Gateway to the Global Market lies in Fujian

From centers of China’s trade to innovation hubs, Fuzhou and Xiamen attract local startups and…


Market Insights

China increases its nuclear efforts

  Hualong One technology in Fujian Province, a third-generation reactor developed   China is looking…


Business Stories

Anta: PRC Largest Sport Maker Will Beat Nike!

Is Anta setting or following the fitness trend? Fujian based sportswear brand is running to…


Tech Innovation

Chinese Ethereum wallet moving to Singapore

  Chinese Ethereum wallet imToken announced it will be moving its global headquarters to Singapore…


New Cities

Amazon Global launches e-commerce park in Xiamen

  Xiamen Cross-Border E-commerce Park has opened its doors, signaling the region’s readiness to embrace…


Tech Innovation

Fujian is the latest city to join China’s government-backed blockchain programs

In the race to regulate blockchain technology in China, its biggest tech cities are creating…