Market Insights

5G, $ 900 billion to the Asian economy over the next 15 years

  Asian mobile operators will invest $ 370 billion in the construction of new 5G…


Tech Innovation

Rockwell Automation, the green turning point in China

  The turning point comes thanks to the new president: Ian Shih, 40, born in…


Tech Innovation

Sohu launches Huyou and joins the social media war in China

  The app has been independently developed for over a year and is now ready…


China 2025

“I, Robot”: Chinese AI Takes Us into the Future

Robots will replace humans? Hotels and restaurants run entirely by AI or TV news broadcasted…


Tech Innovation

Tmall Future Store Appears in The Computing Conference and cooperates with Fresh Your Life

Tmall Future Store is a store retail solution that is driven by deep learning technology…


Market Insights

The Smart China Expo 2018 took place in Chongqing was a success

  The expo showed the global Chinese surge in smart technologies, from artificial intelligence to…


Tech Innovation

Traditional car manufacturers watch out! Chinese start-ups are coming

China’s car market is changing fast. Now the buzzwords of the Chinese auto market are…


China 2025

The future of technology for Alibaba scientists

What will the future of technology be like? To answer this question, 11 leading scientists…