Cross-Border Regulations

Germany welcomes Huawei’s 5G

    The German government has given a favourable opinion to the proposals of Huawei…


Cross-Border Regulations

Belt & Road Initiative, talked about at the 2019 Euro-Asian Economic Forum

  The international event was attended by politicians, businessmen and scholars from over 50 countries…


Tech Innovation

International Motor Show, Chinese homes unveil new concept cars in Frankfurt

    Among the 800 exhibitors from 30 different countries, 79 will come from China,…


Market Insights

Cooperation between Germany and the Hubei province is strengthened

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday visited the Chinese provincial capital Wuhan to…


Tech Innovation

Stuttgart introduces online payments to attract Chinese tourists

    The German city has opened for online payments of Alipay and WeChat Pay…


Market Insights

CATL ready to invest $ 2 billion in the European plant

  The company will build a lithium-ion battery production base and a center for research,…


Market Insights

China, promoting tourism for Huangshan Mountain

  Huangshan Mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage site, located in the eastern province of…


Market Insights

German chemical giant BASF will build a fully own plant in China

  The Beijing decision was also made because Germany could be an important ally in…



CCEE visits Europe: select businesses of Fashion Centrum Hamburg (MCH) to attend CCEE

Cifnews Global visits Hamburg based fashion import-export hub – suppliers to attend the conference  …