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Southeast Asia Turns into a Key Battleground for Cloud Computing Providers

Southeast Asia is experiencing a “cloud war” in its region, which is fostering the local…


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Tencent is Catching Up to its Counterparts, Ranking Second in Global Patent Applications

When it comes to innovation, Chinese tech companies are rapidly catching up to their US…


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AI: Google wants to continue to have relations with China

  The attention was also shown during the Shanghai forum that dealt with Google’s interests…


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JD joins Google and Walmart to build a Global E-commerce Empire

JD, after turning into a Chinese E-commerce giant, is now focused on the vast international…


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Autonomous Guide, Google opens Waymo branch in Shanghai

    The Google branch (Huimo Business Consulting) was founded in May with a capital…


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Google arrives in China, but it will have to respect the rules

  The People’s Daily on Twitter and Facebook welcomes the US American technology giant  …


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Google, $ 500 million for the strategic partner with

  Google, which has long been at war with Amazon for the control of e-commerce,…


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Google to hold 1st Asia ‘Demo Day’ in Shanghai

Google wants to know: does your startup have what it takes to be the next…


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Baidu surpass Google in self-driving market

As reported by China News, Chinese Internet giant Baidu have surpassed Google in self-driving market….


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Former Baidu and Google Scientist Launches $175 Million AI Fund

Andrew Ng, one of the most notable names in the deep learning industry, wants to…