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China 2025

The Chinese Journey Towards the Green Economy

In its journey towards the green economy, Beijing is investing a lot in green tech…


China 2025

China Turns to Green Tech to Achieve its Sustainable Development Goals

After having positioned itself as a leader in the climate space, China is allocating significant…


China 2025

The Green Long March: China’s Fight on Climate Change

Against all odds, it is China the country that is greening up the planet. From…


China 2025

5 Things you Have to Know about Chinese top EVs brands

The major car companies that appear committed to worldwide electrification of their vehicle lines are…


China 2025

China is Leading Global Shift to Renewable Energy

Now, ever half of world’s new solar capacity is in China. Beijing is  pushing investments in…


Tech Innovation

Safety of the new energy vehicles, Beijing urges to introduce strict safety controls

  After some new energy vehicles went up in flames, MIIT is urging manufacturers to…


Market Insights

Huadian Fuxin Energy shows its interest in Southeast Asia

  Huadian Fuxin Energy Corporation Limited develops and operates wind power and other clean energy…


Market Insights

Not just nuclear energy in CGN’s UK project

  China’s largest nuclear power developer, besides nuclear power, also wants to develop clean energy…