Market Insights

China, producers of solar energy more under pressure than the wind ones

  All this is caused by heavier financial burdens   The financial situation of those…


Tech Innovation

From Shenzhen to Equador: BYD is exporting green buses

  A fleet of 20 electric buses will serve the city Guayaquil, the second most…


Tech Innovation

The revenge of renewable energy in Xinjiang

  The production of wind and solar energy increased, respectively, by 15.2% and 13.6% in…


Market Insights

The production of the Chinese forestry sector increases

  Forest production in China exceeds US $ 1.1 t in 2018, 2.88% more than…


Market Insights

Green investments in India, Asia-Pacific: IFC foresee opportunities

  According to the arm of the IFC World Bank, there are opportunities for 29.4…


Tech Innovation

China Post wants to become eco-friendly

  China Post Group Corp., the nation’s state-run mail service, plans to use new-energy vehicles…


Market Insights

China will become a renewable energy power

The promises made by the Chinese government are being realized. The growth of renewable energy…


Market Insights

The plan to develop Xiongan New Area into a green hub

  Xiongan New Area should become a national model for high-quality development and a great…


Cross-border news

China, bamboo bicycles for a greener transport

Bamboo bicycles for less polluting and greener transport. This is the idea developed by four…