China 2025

Shanghai New Tech Board, China’s last Attempt to Regulate Finance Sector

China is ready to be a game-changer in stock-market sector. The new bourse will relax…


Market Insights

Food delivery, the new strategies for cities in China

    The size of the food distribution market, in 2018, exceeded RMB 240 billion…


Market Insights

China, manufacturing sector: slow growth in April

  The purchasing managers’ index for the country’s manufacturing sector reached 50.1 in April  …


Market Insights

China, March profit up 13.9%

  Great recovery compared to January-February, when there was a drop of 14%   The…


Market Insights

Luxury Consumption in China Accounts for One-Third of the Global Spending

Chinese love for luxury products together with an increasing purchasing power led to an extraordinary…


Tech Innovation

Taobao, live streaming set for a 2019 growth

  Taobao, over the years, has become a standard e-commerce configuration   Taobao, an important…


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Increased profit of Chinese state enterprises

  Chinese state-owned companies have a profit gain of 10% and, moreover, research and development…


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China, Xinjiang cuts bureaucracy to support private individuals

  Xinjiang has registered 19,000 new small and medium-sized enterprises in 2018   The autonomous…


New Cities

Budapest’s Key Role in Chinese New Silk Road

China is knocking to Europe’s door and Hungary is playing a key role in this…


China 2025

Theme Parks Industry: China will Lead the Market by 2020

Studies revealed that the increase in Chinese purchasing power and a growing demand for high-quality…