Tech Innovation

Shenzhen Wants only Electric Vehicles

    Only fully electric vehicles can be registered for driving     Shenzhen, the…


Tech Innovation

China, technology for the disabled

    Technology companies in China are stepping up efforts to make life easier for…


China 2025

Tech Clusters in China: the Chinese Answer to the Silicon Valley

Within China’s tech clusters, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Chengdu are the technological hubs that…


Tech Innovation

Guangzhou, a robot for the rehabilitation of drug addicts

  The “Tianche No. E” began its stay in a rehabilitation center in the Nansha…


Tech Innovation

Guangzhou, 20 self-driving start-up trial licenses for WeRide

  The WeRide vehicles have so far traveled 500,000 km between China and the United…


Tech Innovation

Guangzhou, the Chinese port holds a partnership with Acu

  Guangzhou and Acu ports will cooperate for information exchange and collaborative development   The Chinese…


Market Insights

China Unicom launches the 5G test network in major Chinese cities

  5G hotspot coverage will be made available in 33 cities while the private network…


Market Insights

Orchem, the headquarters for China is born in Changzhou

  Orchem will establish its headquarters in China in the Changzhou Binjiang Economic Development Zone…


Market Insights

Guangzhou, the fight against carbon becomes more intense

  The State Council of the country has issued a new development plan for the…


New Cities

Thanks to Lower-Tier Cities, Greater Bay Area will be Largest Bay Economy by 2020

Not only Guangzhou or Shenzhen. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is expected to be…