Business Stories

Alisports Wants to Make Sports Simple and People Healthy by Digitizing Fitness

Alibaba’s sports arm Alisports aims to turn Chinese people into sports lovers. And it does…


E-commerce Platforms

Antwork, the Chinese Startup Wants to Replace Human Couriers with Drones

    Antwork wants to build low-altitude airspace logistics networks in urban areas    …


China 2025

Tech Clusters in China: the Chinese Answer to the Silicon Valley

Within China’s tech clusters, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Chengdu are the technological hubs that…


Tech Innovation

Hangzhou, new policies in the city for the development of 5G

The city of Hangzhou will try to become a national pioneer in the 5G network…


Tech Innovation

China, investment in Hangzhou Nationalchip for the artificial intelligence chip

  A good 150 million RMB has been invested, or about $ 22 million  …


Market Insights

Why Chinese Graduates prefer Lower-Tier Cities over Beijing and Shanghai

Although Tier 2 cities have a large number of university graduates, they used to leave…


Cross-border news, Cross-Border Regulations

China launches a new law for cross-border e-commerce

As the State Council decided to expand the list of products that can be imported…


China 2025

“I, Robot”: Chinese AI Takes Us into the Future

Robots will replace humans? Hotels and restaurants run entirely by AI or TV news broadcasted…


Business Stories

Hi-tech stories: CloudWalk Technology and DJI, when AI meets Reality

Robot and AI used to belong to science fiction movies, but China surprises us once…


China 2025

China Will Dominate the World of Robotics

US-China trade war less impacted the sector, China purchased 141.000 industrial robots in 2017. PRC…