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Alisports Wants to Make Sports Simple and People Healthy by Digitizing Fitness

Alibaba’s sports arm Alisports aims to turn Chinese people into sports lovers. And it does…


Market Insights

Fitness Apps in the PRC: an Industry that Combines Exercise and Social Activity

A renovated interest in health and sports is spreading in China. But while many white-collars…


Market Insights, Tech Innovation

Alibaba released Elderly data: Medical Expenses were 4.4 times of last year

Alibaba’s data shows that the elderly people of Taobao Tmall have increased 1.6 times in…


E-commerce Platforms

JD Medical: Medical Health Strategy

Through joint cooperation with professional partners in the medical and health industry, the JD Cloud…


Cross-border news, Tech Innovation

AliHealth joins with Allergan on New Medical Retail

Internet medicine company AliHealth and medical beauty company Allergan signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The…


Market Insights

IDG Capital aims on the long term tourism and health care

With China’s change, the way Chinese citizens spend is also changing. IGD Capital understood this…