Tech Innovation

Big fees for Chinese New Year travellers on WeChat Pay and Alipay

    Vacation travellers spent 1.2 billion RMB (about $ 180 million) using WeChat Pay…


Tech Innovation

How PRC digital/hongbao are changing Singapore traditions

  China is exporting trends. Animation, QR codes: Digital red packets on the rise this…


Market Insights

Chinese New Year: when Tradition Embraces New Technologies

The Spring Festival unraveled – again – China’s ability to combine its thousand-year tradition with…


Market Insights

Chinese love for Hongbao goes beyond New Year

Digital red envelopes are a crucial marketing tool in China, not just during the Chinese…


E-commerce Platforms

WeChat, 688 million users took advantage of Hongbao during Chinese New Year

Great success for WeChat Hongbao, which involved 688 million users during the Chinese New Year….


Cross-border news

Spring Festival, WeChat presents the Spring Festival Shake

The Spring Festival is coming (February 15th) and WeChat is preparing the launch of a…


Tech Innovation

Chinese New Year, the Hongbao of Alibaba and Tencent are ready

Cash prizes for those using the app before the New Year celebrations (16 February 2018)….