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KOC, here is the latest trend of the Chinese influencer

    The KOC are the main consumers of opinion and could soon oust the…


E-commerce Platforms

Singles Day, China Prepares For The Big E-Commerce Event

    Singles Day is considered the biggest day of the year for brands in…


Business Stories

How Ms Yeah Became a Global Wanghong by Cooking in the Office

Ms Yeah shot a video of herself cooking food using office supplies among her deadpan…


Market Insights

Weibo, is the social of influencer: earnings for 26.8 billion yuan in 2018

  The e-commerce makes the Weibo bloggers rich   The influencers have grossed over 26.8…


Market Insights

Chinese study abroad students are the new key opinion leaders

Luxury brands use well-traveled study abroad students to set trends   With direct access to…


Tech Innovation

Micro video app Douyin is one of the best in China

In 500 days the Chinese micro-video app has spread throughout China   Chinese app Douyin is…