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Tencent “buys” Sugou. What’s Next? Baidu leadership is undermined 

Internet search is a huge business in China, and now Baidu’s leadership is shaking. What…


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3 Tech Companies that are Booming in China

China’s tech market is evolving faster than any other country. But among the Dragon’s fastest-growing…


Market Insights

Meituan Exceeds Baidu: It is The Third-Largest Internet Company In China

    The delivery food platform is preceded only by Alibaba and Tencent    …


Tech Innovation

ByteDance, Here is ByteAir: The Recommendation Algorithm

    ByteDance would group its recommendation algorithms into a solution system, making it available…


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Alibaba and e-commerce in India through the subsidiary UCWeb

    UCWeb will work with Flipkart and Paytm Mall to offer online purchases this…


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China Internet Report 2019 Unveils New Marketing and Tech Trends Coming from the PRC

The South China Morning Post has recently published the China Internet Report 2019, unveiling new…


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China, security goal for the industrial Internet

  The industrial Internet provides a basis for different sectors of work, hence the importance…


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China, technology giants are fighting for Southeast Asia

  Alibaba and Tencent have invested large sums of money in more startups in the…


Market Insights

Internet service companies: in China a turnover of 956 billion yuan in 2018

  The publication of the data was made by the Ministry of Industry and Information…


Tech Innovation

LinkSure Network presents the first satellite for free WiFi

  The company proposes itself as an innovative and global mobile Internet provider   LinkSure…