China 2025

China, the digital economy reaches a value of 27.2 trillion yuan

  The figure, presented during the fifth Internet world conference, represents 55% of national GDP…


Tech Innovation

China is among the top five countries in the world for 4G penetration

  China is in the top five for the development of the internet along with…


Tech Innovation

China launches its first space router into orbit

  The router was designed and implemented by the National University of Defence Technology  …


Cross-border news

Jack Ma: 99% of the trade will occur online in 2030

When attending the 2018 WTO Public Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, Jack Ma pointed out that…


Tech Innovation

Chinese Internet users continue to increase

  According to the semi-annual report of the China Internet Network Information Center, there are…


Tech Innovation

Technical skill boosts real economy, Alibaba ranks first in the top 100 Internet companies in 2018

Alibaba’s strong digital economic power and continuous technical innovation have once again won praise from…


Market Insights

Constant and positive growth for Chinese internet giants

  The Chinese internet giants have continued to grow positively over the last five months…