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Tech Innovation

ByteDance, a $ 182 million investment in Hupu

  Hupu, born as a basketball forum in 2004, is now a leading platform for…


Market Insights

New financing for Nio: 1.4 billion dollars to build a Beijing plant

  NIO is a Chinese automotive manufacturer based in Shanghai, specializing in the design and…


Market Insights

China, real estate investments growing in the first quarter of 2019

  The National Bureau of Statistics has confirmed that growth has settled at 11.9%  …


Business Stories

BRI Deploys China’s COSCO Fleet to Enter Europe by Sea

Within the Belt and Road Initiative, China COSCO Shipping allows the Dragon to enter Europe…


China 2025

5G is Real and Currently in Use… in China!

The test period for 5G technology is almost over in China. The wireless revolution is…


China 2025

Theme Parks Industry: China will Lead the Market by 2020

Studies revealed that the increase in Chinese purchasing power and a growing demand for high-quality…


Market Insights

Spain, Chinese investments on the territory up 800% since 2014!

  This is confirmed by a report drawn up by the Spain-China Council Foundation  …


Tech Innovation

Alibaba invests in Konka and the Internet of Things

About 47 million internet TV sets will be sold in China this year The expansion…


Tech Innovation

Tencent: 163 new investments in 2018

  Tencent wanted to overcome the moment of economic impasse, look elsewhere and diversify investments…


Tech Innovation

Xiaomi will invest $ 1.5 billion in AI and smart devices

  Xiaomi is trying to increase its focus on the AIOT sector   China’s smartphone…