Market Insights

iQiyi, $ 1.1 billion from the sale of convertible bonds

  The total size of the transaction could reach $ 1.2 billion   With one…


Business Stories

”Street Dance of China” Brings the Foreign Subculture on the Dragon’s stage

While hip-hop is banned from Chinese public representations, a talent show tries to reinvent the…


E-commerce Platforms

WeChat, success for mini-programs among the over 55 Chinese

  There are currently more than 60 million WeChat users, aged 55 to 70  …


Business Stories

“Story of Yangxi Palace” Shacked Chinese Luxury Market, Let’s see How

“Story of Yanxi Palace” has taken China by storm. iQiyi blockbuster is one of the…


Tech Innovation

Jin Shi, the new video app to conquer Chinese adults

iQiyi launched the Jin Shi video streaming app to conquer the Chinese who demand more…


Tech Innovation

iQiyi signs an agreement with the Indian film company Eros

  Eros is a leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry, and it…


Tech Innovation

iQiyi Sports completed its Series A financing round

  After an initial investment of RMB 500 million, iQiyi brings the total investment to…


Tech Innovation

iQiyi asks the damages for an unauthorized streaming of its contents

  Beijing ByteDance Technology released pieces of the film The Story of Yanxi Palace without…


Tech Innovation

iQiyi chooses Walt Disney as economic model

  If there are many who think that iQiyi can be compared to the American…


Tech Innovation

iQiyi wants to revolutionize the world of entertainment with AI

  Thanks to AI, iQiyi is developing a technology able to make video footage with…