E-commerce Platforms

London Fashion Week: JD.com Supports Chinese Designer

JD.com sponsored Chinese-born menswear designer Feng Chen Wang’s London Fashion Week to launch her FW20…


E-commerce Platforms

Top 4 Social Media in China: The Business is Here

When it comes to the most popular and used social media in China, there are…


Business Stories

E-Commerce: Top 5 China Shopping Apps

Click and buy! Here PRC based top 5 leading e-commerce platforms. Alibaba wins the gold…


China 2025

Trade War? China launches World’s Largest 5G Network. Only $18 Basic Price

China officially launches ‘one of the world’s largest’ 5G networks, with plans available for as…


Market Insights

JD expands the partnership with Camus Cognac

    JD will work with Camus to launch exclusive products based on the opinions…


E-commerce Platforms

JD Expands Logistics With a New Storage Service

    Customers will be able to track every step of the archiving process through…


Market Insights

JD.com becomes the main shareholder of the Vietnamese e-commerce platform Tiki

    Local technology company VNG reduces its ownership in Tiki to 24%, while JD…


Tech Innovation

China, Mobile Payments Transform Domestic Services

    Alibaba and Tencent are reshaping the way people approach health care, loans and…


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From China to Liège: How Cross-Border Connects East and West trough BRI

Cross-border is showing to EU how China and Europe have such great potential for exchanges…


Tech Innovation

Delivery, the Idea of ​​Segway-Ninebot: Use Autonomous Robots to Reduce Costs

    The economic issue in the delivery sector is pressing: the average cost per…