Market Insights

Kuaishou, Here is Taizan: The New App To Challenge Douyin

    Taizan is a short film aggregator that shows popular Kuaishou clips    …


E-commerce Platforms

Douyin vs Kuaishou: How Short-Video Apps are Leading E-Commerce

Video content is leading the e-commerce sector in China. But as short-video apps leverage this…


Market Insights

In just 3 days Kuaishou with its app sold goods for 14 million dollars

    This is a three-day promotion called Kaopu Haohuojie, where Kuaishou sold goods such…


Tech Innovation

Kuaishou, the Tencent app opens up long videos

  One of the advantages is that it allows a greater variety of contents  …


Tech Innovation

WeChat unlocks links to Kuaishou videos

  China’s national broadcasting agency has censored a series of video apps for unlicensed expansion…


New Cities

First-Tier Suburbs: the Unspoiled Land with Great Economic Potential

A journey within the suburbs of China’s largest first-tier cities. An unexplored and unspoiled land,…


Tech Innovation

Short video app Kuaishou launches mini game

  Tencent-backed app launches first app game called “Jumping Ball”, similar to WeChat title from…


Market Insights

Kuaishou dives into social commerce

Short video-sharing platform Kuaishou is the latest platform to jump into the intersection of social…


Market Insights

Kuaishou aims at social e-commerce

  Chinese internet companies continue to seek out new business models to marry e-commerce  …


Tech Innovation

First place for Kuaishou in the Apple Stores of Russia

Kuaishou, backed by Tencent, is a social platform that allows users to capture and share…