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From the Fake Goods’ Haven to Counterfeiters’ Number One Enemy

E-commerce platforms in the US are lagging behind Alibaba when it comes to preventing counterfeit…


E-commerce Platforms

Amazon Reduces Its Investments In India

    The new Indian rules for e-commerce companies could have to do with the…


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Apple defends itself: no violations in iPhone factories in China

    China Labor Watch (CLW) published a report according to which more than half…


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E-commerce is growing but also the related complaints

  According to the regulator, complaints about e-commerce increased by 126% in 2018   Creating…


Market Insights

China declares war on counterfeit products and incorrect sellers

China intends to punish the producers and sellers of counterfeit products until they are forced…


Market Insights

China Mobile was blocked in its entry into the US market

  US government moves to block China Mobile from US market for security reasons  …


Business Stories

China’s proposed e-commerce law targets fakes

A proposed Chinese e-commerce law would make online retail platform operators accountable for counterfeit goods…