Tech Innovation

Xiaohongshu, the social commerce app starts live streaming tests

  Some influencers were asked to use the new live streaming feature during the test…


Tech Innovation

Mogu, a new platform to connect livestreamers and fashion brands

  Mogu Global Cosmetics Supply Chain Pool will help the livestreamer to access various brands…


Market Insights

Shanghai voted China’s most attractive city

  Shanghai has achieved the highest score for both lifestyle and work   What is…


Business Stories

Natasha Lau & Lisa Xia: from the Origin of Modern China to KOLs

While Lisa Xia came from a textile job to become part of China’s socialite, her…


Business Stories

“Story of Yangxi Palace” Shacked Chinese Luxury Market, Let’s see How

“Story of Yanxi Palace” has taken China by storm. iQiyi blockbuster is one of the…