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KOC, here is the latest trend of the Chinese influencer

    The KOC are the main consumers of opinion and could soon oust the…


Market Insights

How is China’s Luxury Market Changing?

China is driving the world’s luxury consumption for three years now but new targets and…


Market Insights

What Do We Learn from Foreign Brands’ Slipups in China’s Luxury Market

China’s market potential is huge. But with great potential comes great responsibility so much so…


Market Insights, the new frontier of luxury e-commerce

    Total orders for the full year 2018 have increased by 25% on an…


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Tmall, the event alongside Yves Saint Laurent confirms the target of a luxurious e-commerce

  Tmall is the most used e-commerce platform for high-end brands   Luxury is becoming…


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Luxury Consumption in China Accounts for One-Third of the Global Spending

Chinese love for luxury products together with an increasing purchasing power led to an extraordinary…


Tech Innovation

Premier luxury in china: Farfetch and expand the strategic partnership

  With the increase in the number of rich people in China, the luxury sector…