Tech Innovation

The demand for IoT installers is growing in China

  With new technologies, there are also new jobs, such as the IoT installer, which…


Tech Innovation

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are eliminating competitors in India

    Chinese producers are looking for new listings abroad to increase sales    …


Tech Innovation

Toyota BYD partner for NEV development

  Sales of NEV vehicles are increasing and global OEMs are trying to conquer the…


Market Insights

Huawei, Android remains the first choice as mobile operating system

    This is confirmed by the president of the Chinese company, Liang Hua  …


Tech Innovation

China, here are the trends for the beauty market

  Franklin Chu, managing director of Azoya USA, shares the views on the evolution of…


Market Insights

Douyu, the live streaming platform lands on the New York Stock Exchange

  Douyu, last July 2, had already worked with the US Security and Exchange Commission…


Market Insights

China, great foreign interest in bonds

  The total amount of bonds owned by foreign institutions rose to a record level…


Market Insights

Alibaba launches a portal in English on Tmall

  Alibaba relies on the initiative to double the number of foreign brands on Tmall…


Market Insights

e-sport, the support of Chinese local governments

  China will host 350 million players in 2019: a total market of 13.8 billion…


Market Insights

The Shanghai-London stock exchange begins

  The long-awaited Shanghai-London Stock Connect trading program was launched in recent days   The…