Market Insights

Tencent targets the Japanese cloud market

    Tencent is shifting its focus to high-growth cloud computing   Given the growth…


Market Insights

Southeast Asia Turns into a Key Battleground for Cloud Computing Providers

Southeast Asia is experiencing a “cloud war” in its region, which is fostering the local…


Market Insights

Kingsoft, Microsoft’s challenger ready to be listed in Shanghai new tech board

Kingsoft seeks funds. The capital will be used to upgrade WPS Office. Now a new…


Market Insights

China-US, possible revision of cloud services

In trade talks with the United States, China wants to re-discuss the restrictions for foreign…


Tech Innovation

DRAM memory chip market, rising prices warn China

  Despite efforts to bolster domestic industry, China remains the largest importer of memory products…


Tech Innovation

Microsoft’s strategy to expand its market in China

  From the AI developers’ conference in Beijing on May 21, executive from Microsoft reveal…