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China, Mobile Payments Transform Domestic Services

    Alibaba and Tencent are reshaping the way people approach health care, loans and…


Tech Innovation

Huawei becomes a POS system

The application from the Chinese technological giant arrives thanks to a collaboration with China UnionPay…


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Mobile payments, increasing performance thanks to Chinese tourists

  Big increase for mobile payments made abroad with Alipay and WeChat Pay. Hong Kong…


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Cross-border mobile payments target “SHE” economy. The market reaches 700 billion!

It is expected that by 2019, China’s “SHE” economy market will reach 700 billion USD….


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Alibaba sponsors Olympic Games, other sponsors warn: don’t cross the line

Alibaba participated in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics as a sponsor, promising a revolutionary experience for…


Tech Innovation

Chinese tourists are those who use more mobile payments

Chinese tourists are those who use mobile payments more during their travels. This is confirmed…


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People’s Bank of China to crackdown on mobile payments

China is living in the cashless future. Up until three years ago, cash was king,…