Tech Innovation

Music streaming, Sony and Avex land in the Chinese market

    The big Japanese companies are entering the sector relying on local operators  …


Tech Innovation

Tsinghua University, the robot band show

  The three members of the MOJA group (Yuheng, Yaoguang and Kaiyang) are named after…


Tech Innovation

Music streaming, Tencent invests in Douban FM

  Tencent will provide “significant support” to Douban FM in terms of design   Strategic…


Business Stories

Helen Feng, a Woman “Made in China”

61% Chinese companies have at least one woman among the board of directors, in the…


Tech Innovation

Baidu invests in NetEase to build a content ecosystem

  Baidu steps up investment in NetEase Cloud Music as consumers upgrade their spending habits…


Tech Innovation

According to experts Tencent Music has a better business than Spotify

  Tencent Music also earns from services such as live broadcasting of karaoke   The…


Tech Innovation

Agreement between NetEase Cloud Music and NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan

  The collaboration will allow NetEase to spread a vast catalogue of songs in China,…


Tech Innovation

Baidu Music has rebranded as Qianqian Music

  Baidu Music is a Chinese music streaming which saw a merger with the Chinese…


Tech Innovation

NetEase and Alibaba: swap agreements confirmed for music streaming

The end of China’s music war for streaming, maybe is near. NetEase Music and Ali…