Tech Innovation

Alibaba and NetEase, skip the agreement for Kaola

  A merger of Tmall Global and Kaola consolidated Alibaba’s dominance in the country’s e-commerce…


Market Insights

ChinaJoy 2019, 5G cloud gaming is the future?

  With 5G cloud gaming, developers no longer have to be involved in making games…


Market Insights

NetEase, 46% increase in profits

  The company has resisted a constantly evolving macroeconomic environment for 22 years   NetEase,…


Market Insights

NetEase acquires a stake in the Canadian Behavior Interactive Inc

  The online games division of NetEase Inc has decided to make the purchase of…


Tech Innovation

NetEase partnership with Marvel on mobile games

In the future, the partnership will grow further, including the sectors of comics and cinema…


Business Stories

Last Hope and Flavors of Youth: the arousal of the Chinese anime industry

The 90s kids do not overcome the love for Japanese anime. Now China wants to play…


Tech Innovation

Baidu invests in NetEase to build a content ecosystem

  Baidu steps up investment in NetEase Cloud Music as consumers upgrade their spending habits…


Tech Innovation

JD Logistics cooperates with NetEase for 11.11

JD Logistics and Netease’s joint construction of the collaborative warehouse in Hangzhou officially opened  …


Tech Innovation

Agreement between NetEase Cloud Music and NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan

  The collaboration will allow NetEase to spread a vast catalogue of songs in China,…


E-commerce Platforms

Netease Koala’s second offline store settled in Zhengzhou

With the opening of Netease Koala in the Zhengzhou cross-border e-commerce O2O offline store, Zhengzhou…