Tech Innovation

China opens the streaming market to foreign companies

  Foreign companies will be able to provide online game downloads and streaming services only…


Market Insights

The “I Hear You” Web series from Alibaba purchased from Netflix

  The world entertainment giant has recently bought the rights to distribute the web series…


Business Stories

Last Hope and Flavors of Youth: the arousal of the Chinese anime industry

The 90s kids do not overcome the love for Japanese anime. Now China wants to play…


Tech Innovation

iQiyi chooses Walt Disney as economic model

  If there are many who think that iQiyi can be compared to the American…


Business Stories, Market Insights

iQiyi, China’s Netflix, opens offline movie theater

iQiyi, one of China’s leading online streaming companies, opened the doors of it’s first movie…


E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba’s offer at Disney: shows on Youku

Disney has just turned down the business deal with Netflix, but not with Alibaba. The…