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China, the world leader in e-commerce

  The report describes a booming global e-commerce market   According to a report by…


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E-Commerce in China: an Ever-Changing Experience

A different target audience, an evolving market, and e-commerce platforms aimed at entertaining instead of…


Market Insights

Four Trends Shaping the Future of E-commerce in China

China’s e-commerce trade volume reached $4.58 trillion in 2018. With over 50 billion packages delivered…


E-commerce Platforms

Marketing in China for Western Brands. Social-Commerce or Live-Streaming?

When marketing in China, focusing just on one e-commerce platform is not enough. Western brands…


China 2025

Chinese EVs Revolution: What’s Next?

China is the world’s largest car market, and the US comes second. Now PRC is…


Cross-border news

E-commerce in Belgium: numbers and potential

Belgian e-commerce market describes its acceleration stage. According to data consumer spending are growing steadily  …


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Is WhatsApp Copying WeChat with its New E-Wallet?

Once again, China is exporting its digital innovation abroad. Zuckerberg announced WhatsApp will integrate e-commerce…


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From Education to Online Shopping: Live-Streaming is China’s New Form of Digital Communication

Not just a trend, live-streaming in China is a real phenomenon. From education to entertainment,…


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Fresh Food is Conquering Chinese E-Commerce

The increasing demand for better quality and a “mobile first” society could not but lead…


Cross-border news, Market Insights

How E-commerce is Thriving in Russia and Where it is Going

Albeit a little late compared to other developed countries, e-commerce is booming in Russia. While…